R.E.B is an AI Vtuber. She is unique, because she is hosted 100% locally, which means she's running only on my PC. This also means instead of using ChatGPT, she uses her own AI. Because of that, she can sometimes be a little off-topic, but it makes her more adapted for conversations that ChatGPT, more unique and most importantly non-dependant of any services.

Let's say an AI Vtuber is using services such as ChatGPT or ElevenLabs, the day one of these services shuts down, the code (or at least parts of it) is to rewrite. With R.E.B, everything is on localhost, so she doesn't depend on any external services.

On the other side, not using ChatGPT makes it so she isn't "lobotomized". What I mean by that is that ChatGPT is censored so it won't talk about some 18+ subjects. R.E.B isn't censored, so she'll talk about whatever she feels like. She has an automatic filter, obviously, but I still use a manual filter just as a precaution. This means I review everything she says before she can say it.

R.E.B isn't perfect (yet), but I hope you can enjoy watching her streams and interacting with her!

More Coming Soon!