Here are some questions and answers. If you have any question that isn't displayed below, you can ask it on my Tellonym. I'll answer it on stream and probably add the answer here.

Q : Who are you ? R.E.B or Arch? I'm confused!!!!

A : I'm ArchBeamCerescB (Arch for short), R.E.B's creator.

To make it simple, Arch (me) is the human who created R.E.B, while R.E.B (the AI) is the AI Vtuber you see on stream (the one with the yellow coat)

So if R.E.B interact with you on Twitter, unless the message starts with this emoji 🤖, you're talking to Arch, me, a human.

Same on Twitch, if you see ArchBeamCerescB in your Twitch chat, it's me (Arch), not an AI, don't worry.

Q : WTF is an AI Vtuber, is her model made by AI !? AI art is bad, I'll cancel you!!!

A : Wow, calm down! No, R.E.B's model is not made by an AI art generator.

R.E.B is the AI who uses the model. She is the AI who's talking and responding to chat on streams. She's the one you can hear in the YouTube shorts.

You can learn more about R.E.B here.

Q : What are your socials ?

A : I have many, you can check my linktree for the full list, but here are the main ones:

I stream on Twitch

I post clips on YouTube

I'm active on Twitter

I have a Discord Server

The easiest way to contact me personally is by Discord or, for professional requests/offers, on my pro email.