Hi, I'm ArchBeamCerescB (most people call me Arch). Most people who know me know me for creating R.E.B. I am mainly a Vtuber and a programmer. I stream on Twitch but I'm also active on Twitter, YouTube... You can find all my socials here.

My projects

R.E.B is my main project. She is an AI Vtuber on Twitch. Unlike most AI Vtubers, she is 100% localhost. You can learn more here or on my socials.

SoulShuffle is another project I'm working on. It is a cards fighting game. It's still very early in development, so there's very little information available about it. If you want to stay informed, you can read this and follow me on Twitter and Twitch since I'll work on this game on stream.

I don't think I'll separate R.E.B's and SoulShuffle's socials since they are closely related. (also I work alone and one Twitter account is enough management already)